This famous German artist has established a reputation around the world as the greatest artist of the Northern Renaissance, even with such a considerable set of challengers during the 15th and 16th centuries.

Albrecht Durer was a landscape artist as a time when the idea was yet to make it into the mainstream and his contributions proved important to increasing it's popularity. Durer also was a major figure in North European watercolours and helped to further establish that art form as well.

Durer was involved in some art mediums which are rarely seen today, at least by original artists, but these still are popular with those looking to buy items and gifts for their or other's homes. As well as his etchings are woodcuts as well which was a highly skilled craft.

Durer's originality led to his popularity during his life and this was aided by his strong experiences of art history in Italy, which had spearheaded and influenced many other parts of Europe at that time, with painters commonly travelling there in order to fully develop their own ideas and techniques.

As with most artists, Durer was a keen sketcher and regularly produced his best works from this underated medium. These sketches, similarly to his etchings, show off his great skills and eye for detail. Sketches from his career included the prints that you find in this website, with the Hare and the Owl.

Clicking on either the Owl or Hare prints will take you through to pages where you can order those, and there are also links to see the full Albrecht Durer gallery instead which features around 750 different versions of his work, as art prints, etchings, tapestries and more. Each is from our recommended art store that we use regularly ourselves.

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Below you can find a list of other art prints, etchings and paintings by Albrecht Durer:

  • The Little Owl
  • The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse
  • The Knight Death And The Devil
  • Melancholy
  • Hands
  • Self Portrait
  • Wing of a Roller
  • Self Portrait At 26
  • Durer's Mother
  • Nativity
  • Great Piece of Turf
  • Young Hare
  • St Michaels Fight Against The Dragon
  • Self-Portrait II
  • Witch Riding Backwards On A Goat
  • Adam and Eve (The Fall of Man)
  • Feet Of A Kneeling Man
  • Apollo And Diana
  • Adoration of the Trinity
  • Study Of Drapery
  • Durer's Wife Agnes
  • Martyrdom of the Ten Thousand
  • View of Arco
  • Hand